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Your Children Will Find Afterschool Programs Galore

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Enroll your little one in morning, afternoon, and night care programs at our day care center in North Providence, Rhode Island. Your children will discover a whole new world of exciting educational programs not found in other schools at our day care center. The caregivers and educators at Charles Street Day & Night Care Center know that with the right teachers and a sincere desire to learn, students can master any subject they wish. In addition to our afterschool programs for children, our day care center offers a wide variety of adult education programs and group activities that teach participants how to live a healthier, more active life while still having fun. Sign your children up for our night care services to ensure their safety while you work a late shift by calling our day care center at (888) 845-5317 today.

Tutoring, Mentoring, & SAT Prep
Prepare your children for challenges they'll face at school with tutoring services from our day care center. Charles Street Day & Night Care Center offers a dedicated and capable staff of college students and teachers who specialize in almost every academic area of study. SAT Prep classes are offered to high school students once a week, and you can set up routine study sessions for your children with one of our tutors in any academic subject. Our renowned mentoring program pairs youths with volunteer mentors from around the state anywhere from 1 to 4 times per week to partake in recreational activities and overcome academic obstacles. We are well aware that for more than 1 in 3 families in the Charles area community, English is not the primary household language, so our services have expanded to offer ESL classes for children and adults struggling to master the English language.

Child, Daycare Center in North Providence, Rhode Island

Academic Aid:
  •  Science, Math, History, English, Reading
  •  Writing, ESL Classes, SAT Prep

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Join Our Reading Club
Your children will comprehend the English language better when they join the reading club at our day care center. A series of reading assignments and reports will help participants engage in the critical thinking process and have a better understanding of different English writing styles, spellings, and meanings. We also run a series of Newsletter Workshops to help develop written communication skills, graphic design techniques, and desktop publishing abilities, and reading club trips to the library, book festivals, and printing plants will expose participants to different areas of the publishing industry.

Pen-Pal Program
Match your little one with a future friend for life by enrolling them in our unique Pen-Pal Program for students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. Our day care center will establish your child's pen-pal relationship with another student at a local school, and they'll have the opportunity to communicate once a week using our facility’s computers. Give your children a new way to make friends by signing them up in our fun Pen-Pal Program with a quick e-mail to our day care center.

Youth & Computers
Introduce your children to computer theory, word processing, and programs for the family PC by enrolling them in one of Charles Street Day & Night Care Center's computer classes. Youths will become more computer literate and learn skills that will make them marketable to employers like thinking critically, editing, and heightened comprehension. Learn more about this great opportunity for your children to discover the latest in computer technology by e-mailing us in North Providence today.

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